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One day in the afternoon, I noticed that among the leather products we use, some are Chinese products and some are local products of our country, and those who use them are not safe and do not last long.  So I thought why waste money using them?  Where we have a big leather industry. 

So this idea started a new initiative and a new chapter.


Alienz started from my home in September/2022. At first, we also thought to collect the goods from outside and then do our branding, but to be like everyone else’s thinking, we will make the product ourselves. First for our people of Bangladesh and later we will give outside the country one day.

Alienz is named after a special event. That is, I and my younger brother were looking for a brand name but we couldn’t find anything that matched our thinking. That’s when it came to mind that we are going to do something that people will not think of. Only aliens will come to mind. Our brand name is ALIENZ from that alien idea and unique work like aliens. Because we are every unique human being alien, and our brand and products are also for them.

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